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Migration to Fusionforge 6

Hyacinthe Cartiaux - 2015-11-12 18:51 - GForge Admin

Dear GForge users,

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Migration to Fusionforge 5 !

Hyacinthe Cartiaux - 2011-11-18 15:16 - GForge Admin

On November 18th 2011, from 10am to 3pm, the gforge server has been unavailable due to maintenance task.

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Exceptional Platform Maintenance

Sebastien Varrette - 2009-02-24 18:55 - GForge Admin

A maintenance session is scheduled on monday 2/03/09 from 9:00 to 17:00. During that time period, the gforge platform will be unavailable. Sorry for the convenience.

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Power shutdown

Sebastien Varrette - 2009-01-30 17:39 - GForge Admin

This week end, the whole Campus of Kirchberg will be cut off from the power supply for several hours (starting saturday but it may last longer).

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Site maintenance

Sebastien Varrette - 2008-12-18 13:35 - GForge Admin


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Firefox 3 certificate error when accessing project web site

Sebastien Varrette - 2008-10-02 11:33 - GForge Admin

If you are running Firefox 3 and try to access the web site of your project at the url https://<projectname>.gforge.uni.lu, you'll more than probably encounter the following error:

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TortoiseSVN 1.5 branch is buggy for ssh access

Sebastien Varrette - 2008-10-01 20:01 - GForge Admin

We notice a bug in TortoiseSVN 1.5.3 (for the users under Windows) for the access control to the repository. In short, whereas the ssh access is done with the correct username, the access to the subdirectory is done with the anonymous rights.

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OpenSSL package bug that compromise SSH keys

Sebastien Varrette - 2008-05-15 15:30 - GForge Admin

A recent vulnerability of the OpenSSL debian package [2] that affect all cryptographic key material generated with the help of OpenSSL have been discovered recently [1].

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